The Shape of the NHS Procurement Landscape – The Past, Present, Future Webinar


Do you want to sell to the NHS in England? Do you know how to engage this marketplace in the current climate?

With spend of over £27bn+ annually, England’s healthcare marketplace represents a significant opportunity for suppliers looking to sell to the NHS. This free-to-attend webinar will take you through England NHS marketplace, an overview of the landscape as it currently stands, the shape of current opportunities and solutions for engaging with the healthcare sector. It will include a high-level look at one of the leading member organisations in this sector – HCSA (The Health Care Supply Association) and their members, what and how healthcare is buying, current NHS priorities, as well as spend analysis and trends, and tips for connecting with this buying audience.

HCSA (The Health Care Supply Association) was established in 1960 to promote the work of procurement and supply chain staff at all levels in healthcare. With a membership of over 2500 buyer and supply chain personnel, HCSA represents a significant portion of England’s healthcare buying organisations. Their Annual Winter Conference – HCSA Reunite-  taking place online this November, is a great opportunity for connecting with their member organisations and keeping your products and services at the forefront of this buying community.

During the webinar you will hear from Alan Hoskins, Chief Executive of HCSA, who will take you through who HCSA are, who they represent, their members and their current objectives and priorities.

Lorraine Wood, Head of Research at BiP Solutions will give valuable insight into the landscape, trends and key facts and figures that make up England’s healthcare sector procurement marketplace. Gus Mackenzie, Head of Media Sales, will highlight the benefits of the HCSA Reunite Annual Winter Conference & Exhibition for connecting with the NHS buying community, including a short demo of the HCSA Conference online exhibition platform.

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 24 + 25 November 2021

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