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HCSA Reunite 2020  is the perfect online platform for any organisation looking to sell to the UK’s healthcare sector, worth £30bn+ annually.

There are many additional benefits available through the HCSA Reunite Platform. These include:

Widen your reach.

A virtual event can accommodate a much wider audience by removing all geographical restraints. Important stakeholders who could not have attended the event for in-person interactions can now easily login and start engaging with you. You can go beyond your local audience to a national and even global one which can skyrocket your business. You can ensure a bigger and more diverse event attendance and, naturally, a larger pool of lead prospects.

Shorten your sales cycle.

At a virtual event, visitors will be exposed to your solution(s) and can be given a demonstration as well as undergo negotiation there and then within minutes. This will significantly accelerate your sales funnel meaning a fast return for your business.

Deliver information through interactive content.

People love real-time communication, and this also applies to their professional interactions. Virtual events are designed for such interactions through instant chat, social sharing, on-demand webinars and live Q&A sessions. These tools help build a lead nurturing environment where someone is always available to answer a prospect’s query through the convenience of digitization.

Enable Data-Driven Lead Tracking.

Post-event reports can shed a lot of light on the event’s performance. They pinpoint statistics like number of attendees, content views and download volume, number of interactions or volume, and value of transactions performed
These figures are helpful in gauging both the quantity and quality of leads generated. A data-driven approach based on delegates’ level of engagement in the event can be monumental in determining the sales stage that they lie in. This eases the lead qualification process and maximises event ROI.

A virtual event is not a one-time affair.

The best part of going virtual: your engagement does not have to end with the event. You can keep the doors to the virtual event open for days after its scheduled time has passed. This allows your content to be available for consumption, storing and sharing for much longer. Even if your reps are not available to immediately answer the queries generated by late or returning delegates, you’ve still left the door open for an additional stream of prospects to access your business and reach out for a transaction.

22-23 November 2022

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